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It’s a fact of life that electronic components can and do change their values over a lifetime.  It is probable that your classic old amplifier is no longer the amplifier it used to be.  Do not despair.  If your amp is a point to point wired construction there is no reason why it cannot be restored to it’s former glory or indeed improved.  Why not give your favourite classic amplifier a new lease of life. 
Our experience demonstrates that a range of components are particularly susceptible to change in values with life.  For example, electrolytic capacitors can move up or down in value or fail completely.  This is true of both power supply capacitors and cathode by-pass caps.  Anode resistors are frequently found to have increased in value.  Often coupling caps are not what they were. 

Of course where a particular problem is identified we can supply the component and you can replace it.  But there may come a time when it becomes appropriate to rebuild the complete circuit.  That’s when our Revamp kits come in.
All we need is a circuit diagram and in almost all cases we can supply a full kit of components. Vyse Amps can supply either the same high quality components used in the original amp or in other cases we would recommend the best modern equivalent so your upgraded amp will be even better than new. You will usually want to renew the components on your circuit board and the power supply, but you might also want to change pots and jacks and in more extreme cases the valve sockets. 

Amplifiers vary considerably so call for a quote.  As a guide the rebuild of a circuit board and power supply would cost in the region of £95.


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