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About us


About us

Vyse Ltd is a wholly owned Ltd company registered here in the UK.

Our customers often ask us if we are part of Torres Engineering in the US. We are not and never have been.

The company was founded in 1995 as a consultancy, working in high end electronics. In 1997 Vyse Ltd decided to branch out into valve amplifiers. To kick start this enterprise they purchased, as a one-off deal, the right to use the amplifier designs of Torres Engineering of the USA. Vyse Ltd decided to develop the new business under the Torres label to distinguish it from the consultancy work.

Over the years these original designs have been greatly modified and many new designs added to the point where the current range of amplifier circuits is totally unique to us. It thus seems appropriate to start selling our amplifiers under a Vyse Amps brand. This will include all the designs previously built under the Torres label and will embrace future development in HiFi and other applications.

We are rebranding to more accurately reflect who we are. As customers you will see a gradual change to our new brand but the excellent service you have always enjoyed will not alter.

If you own one of our amps with a "Torres" logo and would like to replace it with a "VyseAmps" logo we will send you one FREE. Just send a self addressed letter envelope with a first class stamp to VyseAmps, 14 Cranbourne Drive, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 1BZ.

So, Vyse Amps designs and manufactures custom, all-valve, point-to-point wired guitar amplifiers and associated equipment. It is a cottage industry with workshops in Pinner, North London and other parts of the UK. Everything we make is designed and produced here in the UK and we sell mainly to the British and European markets.

A specialty is the supply of build-your-own amp kits for the enthusiast. A comprehensive range of designs is available from 1W practice amps, through single-ended class A amps, single channel amps up to the top-of-the-range twin channel designs.

As well as selling a wide range of standard ready-built valve amplifiers, Vyse Amps offers a unique, custom-built, boutique amp service.

In addition we supply:

Hand-built high quality cabinets
Power breaks
Guitar kits
Amp modification kits
Valves and valve testing
Component parts of all sorts
Amplifier repair services.

A highlight of the business over the past few years has been our training courses on which you can learn how to build your own amplifier

Vyse Amps prides itself in the quality of its products and individual customer attention.


At Vyse Amps our aim is simple - to supply and build the best quality guitar amplifiers to your specification. We will NOT compromise on Tone. We do NOT use mass production techniques. We do NOT use printed circuit boards. In short, we don’t cut corners so you don’t have to cut corners on your sound.

Vyse Amps, under the Torres brand, has been supplying and customising equipment for guitarists in Europe for over 15 years . Our customers and the press have great things to say obout our products and service - see Reviews

A note about mass production. Big companies sell guitar amps relatively cheaply. This means employing mass production techniques, which inevitably limits the range of choice available and makes the ability to customise the design to your personal requirements difficult. That is where we come in. Many of our designs are intended to modify existing amplifiers, ‘blueprinting’ certain parts of the circuit, redesigning badly thought out sections, or simply upgrading the quality of the components used. The kits available are the distillation from many years of working with valve amplifiers and knowing what makes them sound a whole lot better than they do straight out of the box, and often for surprisingly little money or effort.

A note on doing-it-yourself. You don’t need a Degree in Electronics to start customising your gear or even to build your own amp - just a bit of knowledge (see our books and literature and please read our SAFETY NOTE) a soldering iron and a handful of components. Whatever you need - we either have it or can get it for you.

Finally, a ‘thank you’ to all our customers for their ongoing support. As ever, if you don’t see exactly what you want, send us an e-mail or give us a call - happy playing.

If you have any comments, criticisms, praise, questions or suggestions, or would like to place an order, please either send us an email
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