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Our range of standard build-you-own amp kits work well for many customers but for the guitar player who is after a more specific sound we can take the design to another level. At Torres we have a lot of designs at our finger tips. These broadly fit into two categories:

Pre-amplifier or preamp
Power amplifier or output

The preamp is where the signal from the guitar is taken and amplified many times and at many stages to a level high enough to drive the tone circuits, reverb, effects loop etc. and is also where most of the overdrive is created. The power stage takes the preamp signal and amplifies it to a level high enough to send it through the output transformer and to the speakers. That's the basics of it anyway. (There is also a driver, or phase splitter valve, usually considered as part of the preamp)

We design preamp circuits and power amp circuits, and although we may recommend a certain combination, in most cases they can be mixed and matched to get the preamp you like with the power output level you are looking for.

So to design your Custom Build-Your-Own Amplifier you choose:-

preamp + power amp + chassis + cabinet + speakers + additional option*
= your custom amplifier

* additional option eg reverb, line-out, effects, power soak etc

We provide full instructions and safety guidelines, wiring and layout diagrams as well as full schematics (circuit diagrams) -  plus all the necessary components.

The price will be made up of the component parts you have chosen, plus postage.

As with the Standard kits you can buy the instruction book first to check out the process and we'll refund you if you buy the kit.

Building an amp is a great learning experience for most of us. It can seem quite a daunting task to begin with but armed with a copy of Inside Tube Amps and an instruction book everything will start to make sense. Please refer to the Safety Note on the inside cover. Any reasonably practical person can construct an amplifier, they become more complex as the price increases. When it comes to electrical testing you need to be competant around mains voltage or take it to someone who is at this stage.

You will need some basic equipment: 20/25 soldering iron, digital volt meter and simple power and hand tools.

All our designs are hand-wired on eyeletted circuit boards - takes time but will last and last, and sounds sooo goood!

Stand-alone Preamps and Power amps
Any of the preamp and power amp formats set out here can also be built as separte units however, this is more costly than building them together. To build any of these power amps separately add £100 to the prices listed her, plus chassis.
To build a separate preamp the additional stand-alone price ranges from £85 to £100 plus chassis. Please phone for details.


If you have any comments, criticisms, praise, questions or suggestions, or would like to place an order, please either send us an email or go to our contact page.
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