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Welcome to the Vyse Amps garage sale. We often buy items in bulk or purchase products in part exchange. So we have accumulated an amount of stock which we are able to sell for very reasonable prices. Take a look and give us a call.

ReverbKing Special, 2x6L6 in tweed cab with Vintage 30

This is the early version of the Royale (341)


Vyse version of Fender Reverb Unit 6G15

Cabinet will be built to order (333)


Tiny Boxer 1x8 combo in Tweed
This is the classic Champ-like Boxer built into a small cab as a 4W amp ideal for practice and jam sessions. Standard features, normal and higher gain inputs, tone & volume. Special feature is the 8 inch dove-tailed pine cab and tweed finish (339, 340, 354)

Bri Inv 20W 116, black tolex head

Marshall 2x12 cab with Celestion G12 Heritage 8 Ohm speakers connected in series – this is an ex Marshall amp cab (G014)

Offered at bargain price of £80. Alternatively, individual speakers @ £35 each and bare cab at £15

similar to this

Boxer Plus KT66 10W, Tweed combo 1x12
Single-ended, class A amp with clear ringing tones. Standard features include, 6L6 output valve and valve rectifier, normal and high gain inputs with volume and gain controls, full set of tone controls and master volume. Ideal compromise for small venues and practice purposes. Special feature: can be converted to use 6K6 output valve to drop power to 3Watts for best perfomace for practice and recording, 1x12 Tweed cab with Jensen C12R speaker (318)


Super Texan Special, 2x6L6/50W, 1x12. Twin channel amp built and signed by Jason Sansome. Standard features include valve rectifier, foot-switchable channels, normal and higher gain inputs, full tone controls on both channels, lead and dual master, reverb. Celestion G12E Rocket speakers. (174)



British Boxer 84, 5W. The Marshall version of the Boxer. Straight-forward but great sounding amp from clean to real British crunch. The amp has single-EL84 working in class A with full tone stack and valve rectifier. The amp is housed in special blue tolex 1x12 cab with cream basket weave grille and Celestion Greenback. (143)


VyseAmps AC4 in Vox cab
This is the VyseAmps equivalent to the Vox AC4
construced in a re-built VOX cabinet and
using an EF86 as the original (274)


VyseAmp conversion of the Twin Fender as a Blue Rock Custom. Chanel switching, blackface type conversion.

Sold on behalf of a loyal customer,

reduced to £750

Marshall AVT 150H
Advanced Valvestate Technology
Valvestate 2000


4x12 bare cab
Randall XL

SELABS sm113 Oscilloscope
35 MHz, 20 V/cm
Old but working


Jazz King Conversion of Vox Valve tronix
This is standard JazzKing conversion of the solid state Vox fitted with Jensen C12R (232)

Fully hand built - this amp is a real bargain


£ 375

VyseAmps JTM45, 2xEL34 in Red Tolex Head. This is the VyseAmps version of the classic Marshall JTM45 with added Master Volume. Classic early 60s British Blues-Rock tone.490x240x243


Laney TF300 Tube Fusion
This is a solid state amp, not a valve amp. It is NOT currently working. Speakers are Celestion G12P-80

Complete - £90
without chassis £80
without chassis and speakers £40

Vox Head Lead 125
checked and working




G15 Fender frontman. Complete chassis, only requires cab and speakers. New unused. £19.50
Mesia 100, Zoom Aidean. 1x12 100W fully checked out by VyseAmps.(G001) £490
Fender 8" 8ohm as used in Fender Frontman amps £10
Fender 50W 16 ohm x2 £30 each
Fender 10" 8ohm £15
Fender 12" 8 ohm Blues Junior £20
Celestion G12P-80 16 ohm 80W 12" £40 or pair £70
Celestion G12E-50 Rocket 16ohm 50W 12" £30
Celestion G10E 50 8ohm £25
Celestion G10 Vintage 8 ohm 80th anniversary special £50
Celestion G10 50 8 ohm £10
Celestion Tube 10 8 ohm x3 £15 each
Celestion Vintage 10 8 ohm £50
Mckenzie 12L5 65W 8ohm 12" £40 or pair £70
HH Acoustics 10 "type 10-35-68. £20 each or £70 the set of 4.
HH Acoustics 60W 16 ohm £25
Eminence 12" 75W 8 ohm £30
Light weight black 65cm wide cloth. Used for backing speaker grills £4 per m
Black felt 45cm wide, any length. For stopping scratches. £4 per m
3.3K 20W wirewound resistors used for power supplies, power loads. 50p each, £2 for 10
2BA, 4BA, 6BA nuts, bolts & washers various sizes and lengths. 50 any mix for £5
4.7K 4W wire wound resistors 30p each, £2 for 10
9V battery connectors with flying leads
Square M6 nuts £1 for 20
Screws - phillips cross head 1", number 10 counter sunk dome head. £1 for 20
Cage spring nuts £1 for 20
1/4" jack patch leads - multicoloured £1 for 3
We are clearing stock but we still have a few sets of hand-wound guitar pickups, made by Torres. All the detail, quality, tone and attention of other expensive boutique made pickups but you save ££££s.
Old price
Promotion Price
Now all at a give away price of £75
1. Blues Humbucker calibrated set - classic warm blues, BB King tones. Ideal upgrade for Epiphone Les Paul, SG, ES335 etc
2. Vintage Telecaster calibrated set - 50s Telcaster tone , warm neck, country twang at bridge
3. Telecaster Blues calibrated set - warmer 'Texas Tele' tone, good for country rock - eagles etc
4. Vintage Humbucker calibrated set - clean warm jazz tone for Gibson style guitars
5. Texas Twang - or Vintage Blues Telecaster calibrated set - one off hybrid ! Vinatge neck with extra blues kick at bridge.
6. Rock Humbucker calibrated set - classic 60s rock tone - Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page etc. Good for Epiphone Les Paul SG upgrade




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