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grill cloth and covering material


Note that these images cannot show the cloth 100% accurately. If you are in doubt then please ask for a sample to be sent.

Genuine Vintage Tweed

Vintage Tweed

Off the roll...
Roll measures 4' 6" (approx. 1.37 metres)
Sold per yard (approx. 915mm) - £46.00


Off the roll....sold per yard (approx. 915mm) width varies, ask . Price £24.00 per yard
"Marshall-ish" Elephant Hide

Blue Elephant

Red Elephant

Black Elephant

"Fender-ish" Lavant

Green Lavant

Black Lavant

Blonde Lavant

Purple Lavant

Red Lavent


Leather Look

Wine Buggy Whip

Black Leather

Brown Alligator

Vox / HiWatt Style Black Hessian Tolex

Vintage style grille cloth

Any sizes available but typical prices are as follows

Tiny (350mm x 350mm) £7.35
Small (500mm x 450mm) £10.10
Large (500mm x 700mm) £15.75

Dark Brown/Gold Stripe

Black Hessian

Ox Blood

Basket Weave

Silver Grill

Salt & Pepper

Large Check

Fender Beige (Wheat)

Grey Grill



Also available:

Gold piping £1.65 per metre
Silver piping £1.40 per metre
White piping £1.40 per metre

Gold String £1 per metre
Silver String 80p per metre
White String 90p per metre

Black Felt ideal for pedal boards 400mm width £7.10 per metre

Black Carpet useful for external/internal bass amp covering. Any size, £11.30 per sq metre



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