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Valve amps, like Vintage cars, need a bit of TLC, but when they are working right, nothing matches them. We at VyseAmps can ensure your valve amp sounds it's best. Not infrequently, valve amps can be modified or customised to achieve a performance closer to your ideal. In other cases an amp may be seriously damaged or quite unacceptable in performance - in such cases we can often totally rebuild the electronics using the existing amp as a donor.

If you choose to do the work yourself, we can be of service in the following ways:
a) provision of parts
b) valve testing and matching - if you suspect that a valve is poor you can send it to us to be tested, which is much easier and cheaper than sending the whole amp. Just £1.00 per valve plus postage.
c) come to our one day Amp Servicing Course

If you would like us to do the work, you will need to get the amp to us - you can bring it or send it or have us pick it up for you - see below for details.

Always contact us in advance by phone or email to obtain an initial assessment.

If there is nothing specific wrong with your amp but you would like a "health check" carried out, we will be pleased to do this for a nominal fee of £10

If your amp is not working or requires repair or modification, we can first check out what is wrong for a modist evaluation fee up to a maximum of £20. Then we will speak to you and agree what work you want done . If you choose to go ahead we cost our time out at £33 per hour. If you decide you don't want any work done (some amps are beyond economic repair) - that's fine, take it away and we'll still be friends.

In rare cases it may be necessary to carry out extensive work just to identify the problem - we will not undergo this work without your permission.

We need a circuit diagram. Often we already possess one or you may have one, or we can get one but this is not always the case - there are lots of different amps out there and not all are well documented. If we can't get a schematic we will have to trace out the circuit and this can be a very lengthy and expensive business.

We generally only work on valve amps. By and large modern production amps built with printed circuit boards are more difficult to repair and modify than older point-to-point wired circuits. It follows that p.c.b amps are more likely to fall into the 'beyond economic repair' catagory.

Of course you can use your own transport or your own carrier to get the amp to us but if you wish, we can arrange to pick the amp up using our recommended courier service. The cost of sending a 25kg parcel on a round trip to and from our workshop in NW London from most places within the UK is around £30. This includes pickup from your end, delivery to us and the return trip. For unique and valuable items insurance can be arranged if you wish.

You will need to notify us of a convenient time and date for collection of the parcel. We will also need your address in full, including postcode.

It is imperative that you pack the item properly. If you have the original box and packaging, use that. Otherwise put the amp in a large box and pack it with polystyrene, newspaper or cardboard and label FRAGILE.

to help us at this end, please include the following in the parcel:
1) your name, address, daytime telephone number
2) description of problem or details of modifications required
3) if possible a schematic/circuit diagram & layout diagram

To find out more about this service - or to book your amp in for a service, give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8933 0918, or send us an e-mail

Tube / valve amplifiers employ high voltage electrical power supplies which are potentially dangerous and can even be lethal. Assembly of components is generally safe and straightforward but once the equipment has been switched on it becomes potentially dangerous and remains so until the mains has been disconnected and the capacitors have been fully discharged. Be sure you know how to be safe around high voltages and that you know how to discharge electricity stored in capacitors before attempting to work on equipment. If you are unsure, please either contact us or get a qualified technician to do the work for you.

Vyse Ltd can offer advice on safe working practices but can not be held responsible for loss or injury caused as a result of use or misuse of kits and/or information supplied by us.


If you have any comments, criticisms, praise, questions or suggestions, or would like to place an order, please either send us an email
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