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single ended class A amps

These high quality Class A Amps are relatively straight forward in design and offer an ideal project for the first time builder. For prices look up our Standard Build-Your-Own Amp Kit prices

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This great practice amp is designed to give awesome all-valve tone from a smell package, low price and at low volume. The Tiny Tone puts out about 1-1.5Watt which is a great level for home practice. Like all our amps these babies are constructed using eyeletted circuit boards and tagstrips. Tiny Tone is available as 8" or 10" combo or as a head. Full valve tone at neighbour-friendly volume. It sounds incredible.

Single ended Class A amp
• Available as a head
• 1-1.5 Watts - great home practise level
• one input jack
• one volume control

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Based on a Tweed Champ. Simple and to the point (to point). Amazing little amp - perfect project for the complete beginner amp builder, or bedroom guitar enthusiast. Great amp for recording. Plenty of scope for add-ons.

Single ended Class A amp
• One 12AX7, one 6V6, one GZ34
• 5 Watts
• one input jack
• one volume control
• Many simple modifcations / upgrades available.
• 'Grown-up' multi-tapped output transformer

There is also a Tiny Boxer with 8 inch speakers and Big Boxer with 6L6/10 watt output.


The British Boxer does for the British sound what the Fender Champ did for the clean American sound. It packs a heads-down, gutsy, no-nonsense punch right where it’s needed. We took a bit of Vox and a pinch of vintage Marshall and blended them through a single-ended, class -A EL84 output stage and a Celestion Greenback into a blistering 5 watt tone machine with a truly British sound and feel.

Never has 5 watts sounded so loud, and so full of tone!
Blues and rock riffs roll out of this amp. It’s made for power chords and fat solos.

Chiming clean chords, warm blues riffs - the old fashioned way…
If you want to clean the sound up, just back off the volume on your guitar and listen to it chime - play softer and this amp goes with you in the classic vintage fashion. The GZ34 supplying the DC power gives the kind of finger-tip driven response that makes the valve rectified sound into one of the world’s tonal benchmarks. It almost anticipates the dynamic changes you are creating. Crank it up again and there’s as much creamy overdrive as you’ll ever need – with the same touch-sensitive response to your playing.

Blow ‘em away – at home, in the studio, or even on stage
Perfect for recording and jam sessions, it sounds cranked-up enough at low volume for practice - but why not mike it up and watch the guy with the stack’s jaw drop when you strike that first mighty chord.


british boxer

A purple amp….
Plug it in and listen for yourself. We don’t make any claims about multiple foot switchable options - it’s simplicity that makes vintage British rock and blues sound so pure and that’s what we’ve aimed for with The British Boxer – one input, volume and three simple tone controls, simplicity to use, with great tone to complement your playing.
Available in multiple liveries - as with all our kits - you decide on the combination of covering – this one is in eye catching purple tolex and vintage basket-weave grille cloth - but whatever your visual tastes, you will have to admit, it’s got that sound… …and that ‘aint purple prose!

BRITISH BOXER 5 watt Guitar Amplifier Specification
Point-to-point hand wired
Circuit constructed on eyeletted phenolic board
2 x 12AX7 preamp valves
1 x EL84 output valve operating in class A generating 5W
British-made output and mains transformers
1 x 12” Celestion G12M Greenback
Dovetail jointed, solid-pine cab, hard wearing tolex and vintage grille cloth

As with all our amps, The British Boxer is available in kit or fully built form. Many options available: a variety of valve types, component types e.g. carbon comp resistors and orange drop caps, speaker types and cosmetic combinations –even special designs and modifications e.g. reverb, line out, Efx - can be chosen by the customer to suit his build requirements. Top quality components and Torres modern safety features provide reliability and longevity of valves.

Development of the Boxer incorporating additioanl features. There are models KT12 and KT66, named as a tribute to the classic 'Rolls-Royce' of audio valves, the M-OV KT Series around which the Super Boxer range of amps was designed.

Both amplifiers are single channel amps with valve rectifier, high and low gain front end inputs, a full set of tone controls and master volume control. Reverb can be fitted to models as an option.

All have the cleanliness, warmth and superb harmonic distortion of the legendary Class 'A' circuitry coupled with the modern power, full gain, volume and tone flexibility.

With this form of construction, the amp retains its true pre-amp characteristics, including its controlled over-driven tones, over a wide range of output volumes making these amps the most flexible in application, giving warmth and sweet clean tones at lower volumes, with the classic Class 'A' overdrive when cranked.

Boxer Plus has:

• Two pre-amp valves (12AX7)
• Single power valve (6L6/6550/KT66)* for pure single-ended class A operation
• Valve recifier (GZ34) adding vintage dynamics
• Normal and high gain inputs
• Gain control, volume, bass, mid, treble and master volume controls

Model KT12: uses a 6V6 output valve producing 6 watts. Would normally be supplied in small cabinet with 10 or 12 inch speaker. Reverb is optional.

Model KT66: uses 6L6 output valve with original KT66 as optional extra and producing 15 watts. Would normally be supplied in small cabinet with 10 or 12 inch speaker. Reverb is optional.

*all can be supplied with vintage KT66 Series Marconi-Osram valves if specified





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